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How do I post?

Posting a project is easy and fast. It takes less than 3 minutes to post your project.

You have 2 options:

  1. Anonymous post - does not require registration.
  2. Post as registered user - you have to register first

Anonymous posts

To post anonymously click HERE. You will have to fill the project details in the form and submit it. You can attach up to 5 files with a total filesize limit of 5 MB. Provide an accurate description of what you need.

The post will be saved but it won't be displayed on the posts page until you confirm it. You will receive an email with the confirmation instructions. After you confirm it, the post will be displayed and open to bidding.

It is important to keep the email sent after the post has been submitted because that email also contains the links that allow you to manage your post.

Registered posts

First thing you need to do is to register, confirm your account and then sign in to your account. Once signed in the post form will be pre-filled with your contact details you used for registration and posting will be easier.

Posts submitted by registered users will be displayed the moment they are saved. No further confirmation is required.

Managing your posts is easier when you are a registered user. You just have to go to my posts page and select a post you want to edit / delete / award.

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